1, What’s the requirement for images in artwork?

Resolution: we usually request the images with 300dpi, otherwise the printed effect will look blurry or pixilated especially for big images.

Bleeding: we need at least 3mm bleeding size on all sides. There is a error when do trimming, there would a white line on image part if without bleeding.

Color Format: There are CMYK and RGB color format, but printing only need CMYK, no RGB, if there is RGB images in artwork, the rip system will change it into CMYK. As CMYK and RGB have different color range, the color will be changed, we suggest our clients to change images into CMYK format in advance.

Full color and Spot color: we usually print full color, if there is a spot color in artwork, please provide us the PMS color number, please also make this spot color in a separate layer in artwork.

2, What’s the fonts and link image management?

Missing fonts or lacking link images may happen in artwork, we suggest to embed all fonts and images when output the PDF. If you provide AI, Indesign file, please pack all fonts and images to US.

3, What file format do you need?

We accept almost any format of your artwork.  

Our commonly using graphics softwares are such as Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop. We highly recommend our clients to provide us the artworks in printed ready PDF

4, How to upload the artwork?

There are several ways for you to upload artwork.

FTP: we can open a FTP account for you to upload artwork.

We will provide you username and password.

Online transfer: You can use dropbox, wetransfer, google drive to send us artwork.

 Mail: You also can send us CD or USB by mail.

5,Will you check artwork before mass?

We have special pre-press team to check your files before mass, we will provide you a list of feedback if there are problems.